Interior Design Execution

Get a fully furnished office or home with well decorated interior designing and execution

MAB Construction has the experience of working in Corporate interior design, budget range of corporate interiors, residential interiors as well as interiors for Resturants and dine-in places. Our services are well known for developing the ambiance keeping in view the identity of the place. One of our recent projects was executed in PWD Housing Society, where we built the corporate interior on an economical budget for our client.

For businesses interiors define their environment and corporate culture. Interiors are even more important for resturants and dine-in places as their interior has to be made keeping in view the theme of the resturant as well the type of clients they are willing to serve. On the high end of the spectrum are Executive level interior design projects such as the ones executed by MAB Construction in Ghori Town Islamabad, not too long ago. The details of our interior design projects can be found on our Projects page.