Contractors are hard to find!

For any one, who aspires to build their home, the central question in the Pakistani real estate market is the same one. Who do you trust as your contractor? Because of the fact that in Pakistan professional contractorship services are hard to get, and its nearly impossible to find a honest contractor, this work is usually done on a reference basis. Often residential contractors fail to develop the building as per their committed standards and timelines.

MAB Construction has set a new standard in this field. Along with our design and architecture firm The Urban Solutions we are providing priority based contractor-ship services to our clients through out Islamabad, and especially in Bahria Town and PWD area. The key difference is that we have adopted professional methods of quantification of construction processes thereby giving our clients a clear picture of the work as well as a timeline for completion.

When we undertake a construction project as contractor we lay down clear guidelines and provide our clients with realistic estimates and timelines that we can deliver. Our services are comprised of the following:

  • Labor rates as well as with material construction estimates
  • Contractor ship agreement
  • BOQs and BOMs or any other estimate as required by clients
  • Detailed working diagram sets
  • Submission and approvals as required