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MAB Construction

One of the most experienced construction and development company operating in Bahria Town, DHA and all over Islamabad.

Excellence in Design & Execution

Although a number of construction firms claim that they will design your house the way you want it, but in reality they are mostly just trying to push their design on you. Working in DHA Islamabad, and Bahria Town Islamabad for over a decade, MAB is the only firm that truly designs your residence as per your requirements and then delivers the design just as you had imagined it.

Our Corporate Interior Wing

Design your office or work place as per your requirements.

Our Philosophy

Muhammad Ahmad Butt (MAB Construction) is the result of the tireless efforts of M. Ahmad Butt who has evolved over time to become of the leading construction managers in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, especially in Bahria Town Islamabad. Over the decades, he has managed to make a corporate entity out of the construction business and give the clients an experience that is very much needed in the market. The lack of professionally qualified contractors and construction managers results in a trust deficit between the client and the contractor, and the result is that the construction project suffers very badly. MBA has set a new tradition in this regard, by providing a customer centric approach to construction management, and satisfying the requirements of the clients by ensuring transparency and adherence to timelines, MAB has set the standards for the construction management industry as well as fellow constructors working in this field.

For details about pricing please get in touch. We look forwards to developing your ideas in to reality.

Our History

MAB Construction was established by Muhammad Ahmad Butt in the year 1999, based in Lalamoosa we started from humble beginning. Initially we were able to win contracts in the local construction market, which gradually over time evolved in to full scale residential construction projects. From the years 1999 up to the year 2005, the works were primarily concentrated in Lalamossa and adjoining urban and sub-urban areas. From the year 2010 and onwards, due to our high standards of construction and exemplary workman ship, a number of our old clients requested to work for them in the urban centers of Punjab, especially in Rawalpindi and Faisalabad. Ahmad Butt moved to Islamabad, and partnered with The Urban Solutions, the leading architectural design and master planning consultancy of Pakistan. Together with the Urban Solutions, MAB construction has undertaken over 20 projects of various nature. During the last five years, the company has to its credit a number of projects in different settings.