MAB Construction was established by Muhammad Ahmad Butt in the year 1999, based in Lalamoosa we started from humble beginning. Initially we were able to win contracts in the local construction market, which gradually over time evolved in to full scale residential construction projects. From the years 1999 up to the year 2005, the works were primarily concentrated in Lalamossa and adjoining urban and sub- urban areas. From the year 2010 and onwards, due to our high standards of construction and exemplary workman ship, a number of our old clients requested to work for them in the urban centers of Punjab, especially in Rawalpindi and Faisalabad. Ahmad Butt moved to Islamabad, and partnered with The Urban Solutions, the leading architectural design and master planning consultancy of Pakistan. Together with the Urban Solutions, MAB construction has undertaken over 20 projects of various nature. During the last five years, the company has to its credit a number of projects in different settings.

Our Services

As a modern construction management firm, we provide a complete range of services for our clients, from basic drawings and layout plans to multi storey commercial buildings, over the last twenty years we have provided the full spectrum of our valued services all over the country.

Coming from a humble beginnings, we are
very conscious of our ethical and moral responsibilities.

We maintain a crystal clear and fully transparent relationship with our clients. Our emphasis is on providing services and solutions, learning from each other, and enabling others to do better. Our client value our integrity and commitment.

Our Philosophy

We aim to deliver beyond our commitments, and before the expectation of our clients and stake holders. Immediacy and timely delivery of the construction project is most important to us. In our two decades long rich history, we have established our tradition of exceeding the expectations of our clients and ensuring them greater cost savings then their estimates.